Is this project subsidized by taxpayers?

Kalamink Wind is a privately funded energy project. No federal cash subsidies or ratepayer dollars will be used to build the project and, once built, the project will provide a long-term, competitive source of electricity for the state's utility grid. 

Historically, all forms of energy have been incentivized in some fashion. Between 1950 and 2016, 65% of all energy subsidies went to conventional fuel sources. In fact, for every dollar spent on federal energy incentives, less than 3 cents in tax incentives have gone to support wind energy.

Wind energy is eligible for tax incentives via the Production Tax Credit (PTC). The PTC is similar to depreciation in how it decreases tax liability for a period of time during the operation of the project. The PTC has helped wind energy technology develop and become cost-competitive, and it is now in the process of being phased out for projects constructed after 2020.