What happens to the wind turbines at the end of their lifetime? Are landowners or the town responsible for taking them down? If something happens to Apex, would the wind farm be abandoned?

When a turbine reaches the end of its useful life it can be decommissioned (removed) or retrofitted (“repowered”).

Typically, local ordinances require wind projects to submit plans for decommissioning the facility at the project owner’s expense. A decommissioning bond is often posted in favor of the county or local jurisdiction and assessed based on the presumed per turbine cost of removal. Removal is then the responsibility of the project owner, whether that be the original developer, a utility, or another company that may own and operate the project in the future. If something happens to the project owner's finances in the future, that decommissioning bond is already in place to provide the resources to remove the turbines once they are no longer in use.

If the need to remove a turbine or close a wind farm does arise, every landowner who signs an agreement with Apex is protected from the cost and burden of decommissioning through a protected financial security outlined and required in the easement agreement. The site must also be restored to the same condition that existed prior to construction upon decommissioning.