Will Apex sell the wind farm once it is built?

In Michigan, it is not uncommon for one of the local utilities (DTE or Consumers) to purchase a wind farm after the completion of construction and operate the facility alongside their other generation sources in the state. This is the case with the Isabella Wind farm, developed and constructed by Apex in Isabella County Michigan—that project was purchased by DTE.

The sale of a project to another entity is not a cause for concern. Every agreement and contract signed by the project prior to any potential transfer of ownership will remain in place if a transfer takes place. Commitments to landowners and local governments remain in place and are fully enforceable under the law.

A unique aspect of Apex Clean Energy is that we develop, construct, and operate projects across the country. We currently operate 1.6 GW of wind and solar facilities and an entity that purchases a project may retain Apex to manage the project operations, including local Operations and Maintenance staff as well as support from our 24/7 Remote Operations Control Center in Charlottesville, Virginia.